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Information event post graduate diploma course in hotel management

As talent pool of the Swiss hospitality industry, the post graduate diploma (PGD) course in hotel management trains high-profile hotel managers and enjoys an excellent reputation. Find out more about the unique prospects for your career during an information event.

The information events will give you a deeper insight into the only post-graduate diploma in the industry and with the highest state-recognized diploma in vocational training. The course instructor himself will introduce you to the varied content and structure of this hands-on course. Over an aperitif you will have the chance to ask questions and connect with other potential students.

Register now for this informal event – we would love to get to know you!

  • Information event program

    17.00: Welcome: The viewpoint of an employer

    17.10: The post graduate diploma in hotel management concept: Conditions, focal points, admittance criteria, diploma and use of diploma

    17.40: Short lesson from the post graduate diploma course in Hotel Management (by one of the lecturers): Short Input from the world of the post-graduate diploma course (by members of Management, architecture and Revenue management)

    18.00: Facts and figures: Pro's and con's from a graduate's viewpoint, Discussion, Invitation to a standing aperitif

    19.00: End of the event: Distribution of the event documents (Information material and documents on the subject)

  • Information event registration