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Wages in the hospitality and the catering sector

What will I be earning during and after my apprenticeship? The wages in the hospitality industry are determined by the Swiss Collective Labour Agreement (L-GAV) concluded by the social partners. This is where you will find more detailed information on the wages applicable during and after an apprenticeship.

According to the Agreement for Trainees in the Hospitality Industry (Vereinbarung über die Arbeitsbedingungen und die Entlöhnung der Lernenden im Schweizer Gastgewerbe), the minimum wage (based on 13 months/year) for apprentices in the hospitality and catering sector during basic vocational training is as follows:

    Year 1, 1020 Swiss francs
    Year 2, 1300 Swiss francs
    Year 3, 1550 Swiss francs

The following document contains further information about apprenticeship remuneration and legislation relating to working hours, holidays, etc. (German)

Minimum wages in the sector - training makes sense!
The minimum wages are regulated in the Siwss Collective Labour Agreement (L-GAV). The minimum payment without a qualification amounts to CHF 3407 (13 months annually). Qualified staff who have done two years vocational training (EBA) or three years (EFZ) receive CHF 3707 or CHF 4108 respectively. On successful completion of the Federal PET Degree, the Minium wage is CHF 4810.

Training and continuous education in the hospitality sector have their benefits. Make sure you move forward in your hotel career!

More informatoin on the Swiss Collective Labour Agreement (L-GAV) and minimum wages can be found here (German):

It is at the employer's discretion whether he pays wages more than the Minimum level, so if you are particularly dedicated it can be worth your while.

Establishing a good rapport wiht guests is also to your advantage: all jobs in the tourist industry enjoy direct customer contact. The guest often rewards service provided with a smile and an individual touch with the corresponding tip. Qualified professionals who have the knack of pampering a guest are the ones who usually manage to capitalize on such wage supplements.