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Career and education in hospitality

In hospitality, not one career is identical to another. There are countless options for training and continuous education and gathering valuable practical experience by working for different employers. Take the opportunity to plunge into this unique industry now!

A career in hospitality offers many advantages:

  • Prospects for promotion: motivated and committed professionals are in high demand in the industry. Thanks to diverse continuous education openings, you can start your way up the career ladder while you are still young.
  • Diversity and flexibility: Hospitality is characterized by the vast diversity of its business operations. Large or small businesses in the country or in cities, open all year round or just for the season – at home or abroad. Every combination has its own allure and offers valuable experience and opportunities.
  • Guest rapport: Thanks to their customer focus, which rates highly during training and continuous education, hospitality employees are much sought after even outside the industry.
  • Effect: You can instantly see and experience the results of your work. That applies equally to a decorated ballroom or a cleaned and well-presented hotel room. A well-conceived concept strikes home and will bring feedback from the guests.

In the course of your career you will become acquainted with the various facets of the hospitality industry. The vast selection of educational programs will help you stay on the ball and apply yourself to the next step in your career.

  • The educational landscape in Switzerland

    In view of the numerous training and further education opportunities available, it is not easy to keep track of all that the educational landscape has to offer. The following link provides a summary:

  • Training and continuous education opportunities

    What kind of continuous education suits me? What training and continuous education would hotelleriesuisse recommend for my career? You will find answers to these questions here:

  • Recognition of diplomas and skills

    The hotel industry is a worldwide network. Therefore it is all the more important that training and continuous education diplomas and the work experience obtained are recognized internationally.