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Educational landscape in the hotel industry

What opportunities are there for training and continuous education in hospitality? How do the different programs come together? Swiss training and continuous education in the hotel sector enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Learn more about the educational landscape in hospitality and the various possibilities for advancing in the industry here.

The Swiss job market in the hospitality industry is based on a dual vocational education & training system. All five vocational apprenticeships constitute a solid foundation for a hotel career. Employers are often prepared to back the diplomas (federal PET diploma and advanced federal PET diploma).

As elsewhere, flexibility is being encouraged in hospitality. Consequently, it is now possible to study for a vocational baccalaureate on completion or during an apprenticeship. This will additionally open the doors to a university of applied sciences, such as the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) for example, the only Swiss university of applied sciences to specialize in hospitality. This course is an amazing stepping-stone for any international hotel management career. As of 2015, with a hotel management school diploma in your pocket, you will be able to fast-track a bachelor degree at the HES-SO (EHL).

In addition to formal training and continuous education, the sector also offers specialized courses and seminars dealing with specific subjects and topical issues. These courses are very popular as a source of in-depth know-how or as an introduction to the latest trends in the industry.

Switzerland enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to training and further education in the hospitality sector. But beware! You should ensure that you do your training and further education at a state recognized institute. hotelleriesuisse promotes such high quality training and further education in the Swiss hotel sector. Therefore you can trust the educational programs offered by the branch association!