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Recognition of diplomas and skills

Did you do your diploma and/or have worked in the hospitality industry abroad? Would you now like to work in Switzerland or enroll in continuous education here? Or conversely, do you want to be sure that your career path looks good abroad? Below you will find information about recognition of your diploma and work experience.

In the hotel and catering industry mobility is of vital importance. Therefore the recognition of diplomas and former employment are crucial.

Would you like to work in Switzerland and be sure that your diplomas and work experience are recognised? In principle, Switzerland and the EU work closely together (Agreement on the free movement of persons), as is the case with certain non-EU countries. Make enquiries in good time and use the links below, so that your experience is recognized in Switzerland.

Would you like to do continuous education and be sure that your school and practical experience are taken into account? If you are planning formal continuous education, then you should contact the school in good time. Furthermore, it might be helpful to contact the authorities, in order to obtain official recognition of diplomas.